The partnership between Equine Pathways Australia and Magic Millions will aim to provide quality horses to scholarship Paralympic athletes within the High-Performance sector, with the positive and inclusive culture within EPA ensuring that success of these athletes will be celebrated by all, and in fact, will help to further drive the inclusive nature of the program by allowing all EPA participants to feel part of a shared journey to the podium.

MM will raise funds for EPA over the next 8 years with the end goal being an increased representation of Paralympic athletes representing Australia and on the podium at the 2032 Olympic Games based in Brisbane.

EPA is an accredited Paralympics Australia Centre for Paralympic Preparation. The organisation uses qualified dressage coaches who work with allied health providers in delivering a wide array of services, including trauma counselling, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sports psychology, exercise physiology and nutritional support.

EPA has three sectors: Recreation, Vocation and High Performance.

This program has the possibility of being a game changer for Australian para equestrian athletes as a partnership such as this has never previously existed in Australia.

For more information about Equine Pathways Australia visit their website: https://equinepathways.org.au/